For skin prone to pimples and local foci of inflammation, needs careful care. It needs to include all the elements of any skin care: cleansing, toning and moisturizing is mandatory. However, in the care of irritated skin there are several intricacies.
You should start with cleansing. Try to choose tools with anti-inflammatory elements, it does not render irritating and drying effect on the skin. Better if you choose funds with antibacterial natural extracts: chamomile, calendula, and moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Gel or soft foam will be the best allies.
If you have a large quantity of inflammation is unlikely to actively use scrubs or other exfoliating particles. At least you must do it very carefully so as not to hurt the pockets of infection. The fact that the microparticles scrubs can leave the skin micro-scratches, which are not dangerous in the case of healthy skin, but for oily it can end up very sad: posted and caught in time, the infection can cause more extensive sites of inflammation.
Tonic or lotion also must contain astringent and disinfectant components, such as salicylic acid.
Hydration is necessary to maintain the protective forces of the skin, and in order not to provoke increased sebum production. To put it is on healthy skin and inflamed areas worth fighting for locally.
For example, a great and proven remedy is tea tree oil - it effectively kills germs and promotes healing of the skin, because of inflammation very often leaves behind unpleasant sores and marks. To put it the point is to avoid irritation and dryness of the skin.
Inflammation quite effectively fighting products containing zinc and the above-mentioned salicylic acid. They are able to kill germs in a short time and quickly dry the inflammation, reducing the size.
For emergency cases, you can use eye drops - they constrict the blood vessels and protect from redness and reduce the size of inflammation.