Recall a situation when you were able to help someone selflessly, with no illusions about the award, just from the heart. If there were such cases in your life, give yourself a big fat plus: altruism now out of fashion, and you are a pleasant exception to the rule.
Take a sheet of paper and make a list of skills that I speak perfectly or almost perfectly. It can be a culinary talent, aerobatics in photography, excellent command of any tool the ability to draw, write poetry, compose songs, embroider, grow trees, build and Handicrafts...the list is endless. Each of us has dignity, but do not hesitate to report it. Made the list? Put another plus.
Consider an instance when you were able to resist the temptation to commit a bad act. It could be defeated by an attack of kleptomania, and could be a deliberate act to hurt one's neighbor, even to the detriment of their interests. If you have something to remember in this aspect, add a bonus.
Think you're ready for the dearest people. Remember, the price of care is determined by the price of the victim. Set yourself up for it.
Rate the professional qualities: when and for what did you receive encouragement from superiors, how you meet the position, as easy job. But if you have your own business effectively it develops. Rate yourself according to this criterion.
Think, whether correctly you build the relations with people. Who surrounds you? Do you know how to make friends? If sincere feelings, or near you just "need" people?Put a plus if you have friends and your relationship for many years; and minus if periodically your environment changes completely.
Evaluate the role in the family. If you can in any situation to rely on loved ones, plus put. If often want to shirk the responsibility and shift it onto the shoulders of the partner, do not be shy, put a minus.
Learn to evaluate yourself objectively, focusing on the highest moral principles and rules. Rather than identify their pros and cons, the better to bear the burden of the first and easier to deal with the second.