Advice 1: How to make a flute

Flute – the instrument is quite melodic and beautiful. It's not just a tube with holes. It is in some cases a piece of art. Craftsmen and masters of improvised flute cover decorative carvings and get a flute that could be put up for sale in an antique shop. To do the flute thread we teach you will not. Let's talk about how to make the actual flute with his hands.
How to make a flute
You will need
  • Open flame (campfire or a gas torch, for example) to heat the steel rod;
  • Himself a steel rod with a diameter of not less than 12 mm;
  • A potholder or a piece of rough cloth;
  • Fine-toothed hacksaw;
  • - Fine-grained sandpaper;
  • A drill with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • Pliers;
  • Marker;
  • Old fishing rod made of bamboo;
  • Linseed oil with a rag;
  • Roulette.
Rods cut from a piece of bamboo with a length of 45-50 cm and a diameter of about 20-25 mm. Cut it so that one end remains closed between the sections of the partition. Measure out and mark the location for the first hole at a distance of 25 mm from the end of our bamboo blanks. Let's measure 150 mm from the first markings and indented 25 mm make five more marks.
Take a steel rod and heated it in the fire. Don't forget an oven MITT to avoid burning yourself. This rod we put in the open part of the workpiece and pushed to all but the last partition to burn. In addition to the unnecessary partitions at the same time we get rid of the excess of fibers within the bamboo.
Heat the drill on fire, taking it out with pliers. The incandescent burn out drill holes in the bamboo at the places we marked. If the holes try to drill, our bamboo can not withstand the strain and burst.
Now turn the tube fine sandpaper and scrubbed her inside a bamboo blanks all the embers and the remnants of individual fibers. But if the hole for the blast is a bit narrow, at the same time to increase it. Just do not overdo it.
Cover the flute with a thin layer of linseed oil. Now let's try to play: put six holes in the fingers (three fingers on each hand) and blow into the inlet. With practice, you can try to remove one finger – we get a different sound. If you do not get to extract from the notes of a flute, it is possible for an empty bottle to practice. Touch the lower lip of the neck and blow into the bottle. Extract from the notes of a flute follows the same principle. Do not worry if you will not be able to play immediately. It requires a certain skill that you need to first develop.

Advice 2 : How to make a flute out of bamboo

Bamboo is an ideal material for the manufacture of wind instruments. It is hollow inside. The stem of this plant has natural partitions, so to do a cork is not necessary. In addition, bamboo does not need to dry. Craftsmen make this plant even saxophones and flutes invented many. The most common bamboo flute you can do with your hands.
How to make a flute out of bamboo
You will need
  • - a stalk of bamboo;
  • - a long metal rod with a diameter of slightly more than 1 cm;
  • - gas burner or an open fire.
  • - jigsaw;
  • - drill;
  • - the range;
  • - a glove or piece of rag;
  • - linseed oil.
Find a stalk of bamboo. This plant can grow at his dacha, or even on the windowsill, and very quickly. Suit and an old bamboo rod or a fragment of the curtains, if made from sufficiently long stems. The diameter can be from 2 to 2, 5 cm it's okay if the flute will be a little thicker or a little thinner.
Cut a piece of bamboo about two feet long. About the hardness of bamboo is legendary, so to saw off his best jigsaw with a fine blade. Saw off or break off to one end was a natural tube.
Mark first, it is blower, hole. To do this, from the end, which is a natural tube, measure with a ruler 2,5-2,55 see Mark preferred to make a regular marker. From the mark on the same side, measure 15-20 cm and make another mark. From her back the same distance as that between the tube and the first hole, and put the third point. Make 4 more marks. The distance between them should be equal. Total should have 7 marks.
Get rid of unnecessary partitions. Most likely, in the bamboo flute is not one natural tube, and 2-3. You need only one, which covers the flute from the end. Do it with a heated steel rod. The flutes of other materials thus burn the entire inner part, here you need to only remove the fibrous tube. Heat the rod red hot over a gas burner or on the campfire. The other end hold with an oven MITT. It is best to use a kitchen MITT.
Drill out the holes. Better make it just a drill diameter slightly greater than 0.6 cm Electrodrill in this case should not be used, the bamboo will crack. Hand drill can be used, but turn the handle slowly and carefully. The drill is also necessary to heat red-hot. Potholder in this case will be of little help, so use pliers.
Coat the inside of the flute with rolled fine sand paper. Sandpaper can be wrapped, for example, Cycling or a long knitting needle. If necessary, expand the inner diameter of the flute. Remove the charred areas around the holes.
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