You will need
  • - bamboo flute.
First of all, train yourself to hold the flute correctly position the hands. Do it in front of the mirror.
Take the tool with the left hand. Turn the mouthpiece to him. The body of the flute point to the right.
Place the index, middle and ring fingers of the left hand into the three holes closest to the mouthpiece. Lift the right hand palm out and place the middle three fingers in the remaining holes.
Squeeze the lips and lift the flute so the mouthpiece was a little ahead of and below holes between your pursed lips. Bamboo flute is a wind instrument, so to generate sound you must create a column of air inside it. To do this, you have to blow air through the mouthpiece, not into it.
The upper lip should always be in a half-smile, and the lower a little forward. The main mistake beginners make is the flute - lips, don't forget to "smile" while playing the bamboo flute.
Raise all fingers and pursing his lips, "hit" a constant flow of air through the mouth. Experiment with different placing of the tool, and differently blow air through the lips while you will not be able to create a stable, clear tone.
Press the index finger of the left hand (the fingers are located in the tool closer to your mouth) on the first hole. "Hit" the air through the lips in the same way as before. The tone will be one note higher.
Remove your index finger from the hole and hold down the middle next. Continue to place your fingers into the holes while allowing air flow through the flute. Clamping each following hole, you get the sound of a tone higher than the previous one .
Now you can combine multiple sounds, you get a simple melody. To learn musical notation you can with the help of tutorials of wind musical instruments.