The first step to freeing yourself from fears and phobias will be their recognition. The realization that this feeling exists in you and it prevents to live a full life, and will help to continue the fight with him.
Visualize your fears. Can write them on a piece of paper. And you can draw them. And it would be better if you do it in a humorous way. Hang their art around the room and, passing by, laughed at them. Gradually your fears will not seem so terrible. You cannot seriously be afraid of laughing at.
Consider your own. Imagine the situation that is causing you this uncomfortable feeling, in detail. For example, you are afraid to perform on stage. Call to mind that moment when you go on stage, when you start the speech, consider your actions at this time, etc. Perhaps it's not as scary as it seems? Also, consider what would happen if your fear is realized. What will you do in this situation, some will find a way out of this situation? Do this exercise more often, and over time you will become easier to relate to your fear.
If fear occupies all of your thoughts, try to distract from it. Engage in physical work, sports, pomeditirovat, go and walk with friends and chat on abstract themes. You can also take an aromatic bath by adding few drops of peppermint oil or sandalwood.
To combat fear you can do the following exercise. Go to the middle of the room and what steps is your fear. Go towards it, and when you come close, then simply walk through it. Do this exercise as often as possible. The first few times you will feel uncomfortable and awkward, but gradually it will pass, but your fear will be less.
If by dealing with fears is not successful, then you need to see a specialist. A good psychologist will not only determine the cause of the fear, but will help in the fight with him. Develop the methodology and will select special exercises. Often to combat fears doctors use the method of psychoanalysis, or neuro-linguistic programming, which helps to change the person's attitude to the problem or even eliminate it.