Dealing with fears is necessary to begin with them awareness. To do this, select a convenient time when you will not be disturbed. Stay alone with yourself, dim the light. Create a relaxing atmosphere. Close your eyes and think what worries you the most, what prevents you to live in peace.
Apply an effective psychological technique. Imagine that what you fear has already happened. Relive it in minute detail, consider how this can happen and what will happen then. The most important is to determine what you can take in response to frightening you development. For example, you fear of losing a job. Imagine that it's already happened. What do you do then? The focus at this stage of reflection, in the future, when the fear mentally back to him.
Try to restructure their thinking. Fears always belong to the future, when thought draws unwanted events that can happen and can be avoided. Try to live in the here and now.
To get rid of uncertainty, psychological exercises are not enough. The uncertainty is based on the fact that subconsciously the person believes that he is not good enough. This may relate both to relations with the opposite sex, and class positions to achieve a certain status, etc. constantly train in the area where you want to feel confidence in their abilities: often meet on the street, deepen professional skills, etc.
Find a way to strengthen our forces. For example, if you are an artist but self-doubt prevents you from taking serious orders, start by making small jobs. An important nuance is that these little jobs you should be doing not for himself but for the customer. Thereby you will train their minds to bigger tasks.