Before you buy the mirror, define the desired size of the product. Measure the size of the future mirrors with millimeter precision, leaving the entire perimeter margin of 4-5 mm.

Most importantly, remember that the edge of the mirror should not come into contact with other elements, otherwise it could crack. Mirror hard to cut yourself, so is better to entrust this work to the masters. Then it will have the correct geometrical form.

When you pick up the mirror from the workshop, pay special attention to the edges. They should be carefully treated and rounded. This is to ensure that the process of gluing was safe and you didn't cut yourself.

Depending on what you need to glue the product, use different methods of fastening.

How to glue a mirror on the wall

First prepare the wall for gluing mirrors. Smooth out all the bumps, treat with primer deep impregnation to provide a better grip with the glue. The latter must be specifically designed for mirrors.

Then proceed directly to the process of gluing products. You'll need the segments 10-15 cm thick bilateral adhesive tape. They need to stick approximately 60-70 cm on the back side of the mirror. Tape is needed to hold the glass until completely dry glue. When the tape is stuck, then remove the protective part and using the spray gun apply glue all over the back surface and the edges of the mirror, approximately 15-20 cm between the bands.

Immediately after this attach the mirror to the wall. The lower part should be sure to something to lean on while the glue dries. Also make sure that around the perimeter of the product remains a gap. The entire mirror surface carefully and press gently to the wall. The adhesion of the adhesive will occur within 20-30 minutes, and fully dry - not earlier than after 1 day.

How to glue a mirror on the Cabinet door

The mirror can be glued on the door of the Cabinet, thereby updating the interior space. Since in this case the product will be used small size, apply the double sided tape that is specifically designed for mirrors.

First, stick him on the perimeter on the back of the mirror, and then through the uniform interval of about 40 cm complete vertical strips of tape. Then carefully attach the product on a Cabinet door. It is recommended to mark with a pencil on the Cabinet of the photographed mirror.

How to hang a mirror on ceramic tile

The mirror is glued on the ceramic tile. In this case, there is used a special glue. Apply a continuous layer around the perimeter of the product. The gutter shall be not less than 2 cm in the Middle of the mirror be sure to RUB the adhesive in a lattice form.

The procedure for bonding in ceramic tile similar to the above method of securing the mirror to the wall. However, in this case, after drying, the adhesive must cover the edge of the product white or clear sealant.

If the mirror is quite bigger on the wall, for security purposes, it is better to fasten it mechanically. Carefully drill it with a special pen on the glass or tubular drill with a diamond coating. The wall in these places drill out the hole. After that, attach the product decorative glossy bolt.

Remember that with large mirrors definitely need 2 people. In addition, you will need hand protection from cuts - for example, cloth gloves.