From monoecious plants have male and female flowers. They can reside on the same instance. Cross-pollination occurs within the same tree. Female flowers with pistils without stamens. Male flowers have only stamens. They are thick, cylindrical. Women's oval and shorter. Female flowers after pollination and fertilization, grow, and fleshy integument of smaller fruitlets merge into the stem — mulberry mulberry or berry. And men wither and fall off. But the male specimen can be taught not to waste time planting new plants.
To instill the mulberry you need at the beginning or the middle of April: for one or two weeks before flowering or during.
Cuttings harvested in February-March, then store them in the fridge in the cellar. In an extreme case, cut off the stalk for grafting directly from the tree, but certainly before Bud break.
Cultivate same as other fruit plants. Use vegetative, that is, elongated stems with well-formed buds. Do not take fruit - short shoots.
Grafting cuttings, which you cut with fruit-bearing trees, will speed up fruiting.
You can inoculate budding: take a kidney with a shield with a one-year long escape, same as for grafting, and insert it under the bark.
Budding do either in the spring, at the same time as inoculation with the handle, or in summer, here take sleeping kidney. Summer lead to budding from the 25th July until 25th August.
Can graft a mulberry and by growth shoots with a length of 10-12 cm With privatnogo of the stalk is cut off the terminal Bud and private in a T-shaped incision of the rootstock. This method will allow you to speed up the entry into fruiting in 1-2 years.
If the plant is grown, vaccinated do 2-3 branches. After cuttings or eyes get accustomed, form a plant of new shoots. Gradually remove the remaining unnecessary shoots. After two or three years, you will have podonosma large-fruited mulberry, the berries of which are delicious and very useful.