Buy seedlings. The plant is of several types, so choose what you want to see in the country. The white mulberry fruits are delicious and sweet and nutritious. The black mulberry fruits are sweet and sour with a pleasant aroma and taste. And the red is practically not grown, as it is not suitable for feeding silkworms. But despite this, the fruits have excellent taste.

Prepare the site for planting mulberry. Wood, in principle, simple, but certain rules must be observed. Dig a pit depth of about 60 centimeters and a meter in diameter. If you want to plant some plants, keep between them a distance of 5-6 meters. Otherwise they will not grow because of nutrients from the soil will be missed, even if you regularly fertilize.

Exactly put the seedling and sprinkle the earth. If you have completely exhausted the soil, add some fertilizer – follow the dosage in order not to destroy the plant. It is recommended to plant a mulberry tree in early spring, so it had time to take root.

Well spill the soil with water. Since the tree is not accustomed, periodically orosite it. Adult plants enough moisture that comes during the rainy season. If it is dry weather, just put the hose in the hole and turn on for 30 minutes. Do not forget to periodically remove the weeds and loosen the earth.

Shape crown for 4-5 years after planting, in its sole discretion. It can give absolutely any form. If you do not want the mulberry has grown too high, trim the top. Also remove with pruning shears branches that have dried out.

In the cultivation of the mulberry tree using seeds recommended to sow them in pots or in the greenhouse. Outdoors a high probability of death fragile seedlings.