The mulberry or mulberry is a fruit plant that was grown in China purely for the sake of the leaves. They were fed to caterpillars of the silkworm, which produces silk. However, in Russia the mulberry tree is loved for its fruit. It is quite popular, so it can be seen in the gardens of his compatriots.

Growing from seed

Mulberry can be grown in two ways – from seeds and seedlings. They have their pros and cons. In the first case will have to be done. You first need to get a few ripe berries, ideally, they should be overripe. First and foremost, they must be rubbed and rinsed in lukewarm water to remove all the pulp. In the end, manage to get the seeds should be dried well and put on a few days in the fridge. You can now plant seeds in a container under the film. But first, capacity will need to fill in a nutrient substrate. Seeds need to be planted in a depth of 1 cm Distance between them should be approximately 1 cm Periodically film from container, be open to timely watering and ventilation. After seed germination it is necessary to put the spot-lit, so the plants are not stretched and strengthened. The tape should be gradually removed, and the seedlings monthly to feed a weak organic fertilizer. Early autumn fledgling plants need to be planted in the open ground, and in winter warm. Next autumn will be able to get ready acclimatized seedlings of the mulberry tree.


Easier to just buy the seedlings of the mulberry tree at the garden center or nursery and plant them in your garden plot. In this case, in a few years it will be possible to gather the first harvest. However, they are not adapted, and they will have some time to look. Planted seedling should be on a small hill. The tree should grow in the open, with no side shading. The quality of the soil the ideal is a light, fertile loam, which should be spread sandy loam or sand. When transplanting plants should be especially wary of its root system, as it is very fragile. The roots should be carefully fill in the planting hole and covered with soil. If there was to be damage, it is recommended to clean, cutting with a sharp knife crumpled tissue, mold and sprinkle with powdered charcoal. Mulberry plant to a permanent place at the same depth at which tree grew in nursery. The young plants copiously watered, tied to a stake, and the soil over them mulched with compost or manure.