You will need
  • - sick leave;
  • calculator or program "1C".
You have the right to calculate sick leave based on the minimum wage if the employee is charged sick leave with a doctor's stamp of violations of the regime. To violations of the regime can be attributed to the untimely appearance at the doctor violated the regime in the hospital or failure to comply with doctor's appointments, attending the appointment in alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.
You are not required to understand the causes of the violations of the regime and to clarify their importance. If you have a document with a mark about violations, it's a reason to calculate based on the minimum wage, as another calculation of the social insurance Fund simply will not accept for payment.
All the days before the violation mode count in the usual way. Add up all the earnings over 24 months which you have produced the income tax deduction, divide on 730, multiply the number of days specified in the certificate of incapacity to violations of the regime. In this case, consider the experience of the insured. When you experience more than 8 years pay based on 100% of average daily earnings from 5 years to 80% for up to 5 years – 60%.
Count all days of sick leave, subject to payment of the violation of the regime. Calculate the average daily earnings, based on the minimum wage. To do this, multiply 4611 rubles by 24 and divide by 730. Get 151 ruble 59 cents is the base average daily amount for calculation. An employee with total work experience over 8 years will receive for each day's sick leave with a violation mode of the specified amount you need to multiply all days of incapacity with the broken regime, multiplied by the district ratio and add the calculated amount to the violation of the regime.
With experience from 5 to 8 years from the average daily amount of the minimum wage calculation are produced on the basis of 80%. Multiply the resulting figure by the number of days with a violation, add a regional coefficient and the calculated amount before the breach. The same method make the calculation of employee with experience of 5 years, but the average daily amount and multiply by 60%.