Advice 1: How to clean urine

To wash off the urine with things is not always easy, because it has a distinct odor, and sometimes leaves yellow spots on the white things. It is especially difficult to deal with cat urine because it is concentrated. But if you try a little and make quite a bit of effort, the stain will wash out safely, and the smell eliminated.
How to clean urine
Let's see if the fabric has a stain, wash the item in the usual way does not make sense, it still will remain there. Use the stain remover. Apply it for a few minutes or wait until the stain will not disappear under the action of the active ingredients. The stain has nothing to do with bleach, so don't confuse to, or instead of the spot you will create a hole in the fabric or vilinet color.
Well otbrosit things in clear warm water, add optional. This is to ensure that most of the urine went away. If you run things right into the machine, they will be erased, watered down concentrate urine and the smell just won't disappear. To opolaskivateli can in the pelvis or in the short program in the washing machine.
Press the clothes and wash them when appropriate for the type of fabric temperature. Add a little more than normal powder. Better wash on the program, which provides cycle extra wash, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.
Really bad urine stains, even one that has long dried up. But if the smell still has not disappeared, use any antibacterial powder or detergent for washing baby clothes. They added special substances that eliminate unpleasant smells not only of urine, but other sharp flavors.
Also urine spots can be removed and folk remedies that are applied directly to the zone of formation of a spot before washing. Can use any tool that you have at home: salt solution (1 tablespoon per 200 ml water), the hyposulphite (1 tablespoon per 200 ml water), vinegar or citric acid (1 teaspoon per Cup of liquid). After applying these solutions need to wash things with soap and water.

Advice 2: How to clean grease stain from the jacket

To buy a down jacket gray urban everyday life or black and non-marking – not the best option. Because I want a holiday, and the lights and something bright and positive. So why not add to your wardrobe with bright summer mood? The only disadvantage is the impracticality. And if a black jacket spots can be completely invisible, with white or colored down jackets even the smallest speck definitely need to wash. But how?
How to clean grease stain from the jacket
You will need
  • Turpentine, stain remover, washing powder, iron, paper napkin.
The grease stain is the most insidious of all. If you think in an inconspicuous place on the jacket is spot it is possible to leave, you are mistaken. The grease can get stuck to the feathers and after a while will begin to exude a horrific rancid smell, which mixed aroma of stale chicken pen. Therefore, even invisible stain need to be cleaned. If the stain is quite fresh, blot it dry with paper towels several times and iron with warm iron. Most of the fat is absorbed into the paper, and the rest will be easier to remove.
Now the industry produces many products for removing stains. Keep in mind that after applying such funds for the down jacket will likely remain divorces, so the best option would be to wash it after. Copes with fresh grease spots "Vanish", as well as any high-quality dishwashing detergent. Place slightly stained water and apply a remedy, and then leave on for 10-15 minutes. After this period, the stain rinse with lukewarm water.
An excellent fat solvent is turpentine. But on the down jacket need to be very careful with him that no liquid is absorbed into the pen. Soak in turpentine cotton wool or gauze and vigorous movements RUB the dry stain. Watering the water does not need anything, it will only prevent the penetration of molecules of turpentine in fatty tissue. Continue rubbing until you feel that the pollution disappears. If you put the stain on the down jacket recently, it rubbed for a few minutes, if it is chronic, will have to wait a bit. Sometimes for removing old grease stains require multiple visits.
Some brands of stain removers can ruin colored jacket, leaving the grease white. Carefully read the instructions for use and do not use a universal stain removers that promise to remove all stains. It is best to apply one highly specialized, but be certain that your thing does not happen.
Useful advice
Using turpentine, not to forget that he, too, leaves on the fabric traces. To remove them, you must wash your down jacket in soapy water or with normal detergent.
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