Prepare by the beginning of the meeting a standard A4 format for logging. You can make the document the most convenient way for you. It can be handwritten, typing on a typewriter or computer. The introductory part is you can start to fill up even before all the participants of the meetingas it contains information known in advance.
In the center of the sheet write the name of the document Protocol" and immediately under it check "meetings of the pedagogical Council". Specify the date of the meeting and the room. Enter the content of the agenda prepared in advance.
In the beginning of the meeting, after the election of the presiding officer and Secretary of the meeting, record this information in the Protocol. It is important to specify the name and positions of elected officials.
In addition, in this part specify the number of members of the teaching Council General and the number present at the meeting in person.
In the main part of the Protocol is fixed for the discussion of issues on the agenda in order of application. Here, specify the main speakers on each item, indicating their name and title after the word "listened". Describe briefly the content of the presentations and introduced the speakers of the proposal.
The final part will list the decisions taken on each issue, writing in the beginning of this section, the word "Decided". Completing the registration Protocol, be sure to take the place of a personal signature document elected President of the pedagogical Council and the Secretary of the meeting. Decrypt signature (surname and initials) in parentheses.