Presentation - that will help you to diversify rather boring meeting. Only made it needs to be not a pattern, but from the soul. Imagine on court of colleagues or slide the videos, tell us about your achievements, about what reached the children, engaging with you on a specific program or methodology. Be sure to include in your presentation a story about the introduced innovations. Everything must be done energetically, information and it doesn't take. Use more "live" pictures - they create a sense of presence. This will help to motivate each teacher separately.
Invite colleagues right on the spot to try out any new method. If you speak about the practical work with children, it is not necessary to turn it into a banal summing up of what has been achieved. Invite the teacher to try to do it too. Please do not delay: do not need to arrange for their 40 minute art class or singing. It will help to be distracted, and to better understand what perform pupils, but at the same time and can evaluate the benefits of this technique.
Invite to participate in the teachers ' meeting parents. Preferably the active who take a special part in the life of an educational institution. Let them share their impressions of the process of children's learning, offer their ideas, will take part in the debate with the teachers. Therefore, you can be more productive to draw up a programme of education and development of children. After all, sometimes teachers have "eye zamylivaetsya", and it is difficult for them to deviate from the templates. And parents can help them to look at the familiar from a different angle.
In some cases you can bring to the meeting the children. They could also share their vision of the pros and cons of the existing system of education. From teachers they can hear suggestions about which direction is better to conduct lessons and classes. This will help to make the learning process more effective.
If you allow technical capabilities, diversify your staff meeting a videoconference or teleconference with the staff of another educational institution. This will help you to compare techniques, to determine the effectiveness of training in each of the institutions and to adopt a positive experience.