The Protocol fixed the date of holding parent meetings. Definitely noted the number of parents present. If the meeting invited speakers, including officials, their surnames, names and patronymic and position are recorded in the minutes in full, without abbreviations.
Let the record show the parents ' meeting the agenda to be discussed at the meeting. It will be the original plan of the meeting. Then followed a discussion of the issues. First, write down the recommendations and suggestions of parents, educators, other teachers of kindergarten, are invited. Be sure to mark who makes the offer. At the parent meeting is a collaborative discussion. To impose opinions no one needs. The speech of teachers, parents and invitees are attached to the minutes of the parent meeting.
After hearing the proposals and recommendations of the decision parent-teacher meetings. For each discussed issue, the decision shall be made separately. It was adopted by a vote. The Secretary records the number of votes for and against. Solutions must be formulated clearly and specifically indicating the deadlines and responsible. The Protocol signed by the Chairman of parental Committee and the Secretary of the meeting. If following the meeting issued an important decision should be communicated to all parents of the group. This can be done in two ways: personally notifying each of the absent parents or by decision of the meeting in the parent area. In any case, they should each sign the decision parent-teacher meetings.
The writing-book of reports parent meetings start at the time of acquisition of the group and continues until graduation. It is numbered page, sewn, sealed by signature of the head of the preschool and kindergarten print. Kept a notebook at the teacher group. The numbering of protocols is the beginning of the school year. Check with your kindergarten, what date is considered the beginning of the school year in your preschool.