Advice 1: How to connect cable modem

Creating and setting up a home LAN, you must select a modem. The options can be many, and they all depend on your desires and the type of Internet connection that held you in the apartment.
How to connect cable modem
You will need
  • ADSL modem or wifi router.
Let's consider the case of the ADLS connection to the Internet. In this case, the connection to the ISP is through the phone line. Purchase ADSL modem. Install it near the computer and connect the device to AC power.
Connect the modem to a phone line via the DSL port. LAN port use to connect the modem to the network card of the computer.
Turn on the computer and set up a new connection to the Internet. Settings these settings check with your service provider.
Now consider the option of connecting to the Internet using a network cable. In such cases, you'll need to purchase a router. Note that this device is necessary only if you want to connect multiple computers or laptops to a single Internet cable.
If you plan to connect to the Internet laptops is wise to buy a Wi-Fi router (router). This will allow you to get rid of extra cables in the apartment, because laptops connected to the router wirelessly.
To connect the equipment to the cable Internet connection use the Internet port or WAN, to connect the router to the computers LAN ports.
Look in the instructions to the device its IP address. Enter it in the address bar of the browser of any computer connected to the router. Open the menu "setup Internet" (Internet setup). Enter the required values into the appropriate fields.
Go to menu "configure wireless network" (Wireless Setup). Enter the network name and password to access it. Specify the types of radio transmission and data encryption.
Save the settings. Restart Wi-Fi router. Connect computers and laptops using cables or wifi adapters.

Advice 2: How to connect cable Internet

Today, cable Internet is almost half of the market high-speed wired Internet. This explains the popularity of high speed data transfer, reliability, ease of use and very reasonable rates. It is not surprising that more and more people seek to connect cable Internet to their home computers.
How to connect cable Internet
The cable Internet does not require any special equipment. All that is required is a presence in your home of cable broadband and cable modem to the computer. Broadband Internet access provided via a single line transmission, cable television network. So you need at least one cable television channel programming.
To find out whether your house is broadband television access, it is possible for the cable company that provides television services. Today, most large cities almost all the houses are already covered by cable networks, so to find the correct operator will be easy.
Once you have technical connectivity, you can conclude a maintenance contract with cable company. The range of services usually includes the actual connection, that is, the pulling of additional cable in and connect it to your computer, as well as providing access to the Internet in accordance with the chosen tariff plan.
When choosing the tariff plan, pay attention to the amount of broadband that you purchase. Some of the cable companies offers Internet connection only in the overall package with the installation of several cable TV channels. The other part of the operators prefer to provide services to the Internet apart from television. For you would be the optimal choice, combining price and quality, depending on your preference. If you watch a lot of TV, probably the total package, including access to the Internet and additional cable channels will be more interesting. If not, insist on providing only access to the Internet.
Once you connect your computer to cable network, the provider need to inform you the necessary information to configure access: your IP address (fixed or dynamic), gateway, and netmask. These data must be entered in the settings of the network connection. If you are not very confident in their technical training, it is better to contact your ISP with the request to fully configure the operation of the Internet and all related services. By the way, most cable companies do offer a similar service for setting up access. The wizard has the advantage that the adjustment will take much less time and will be done without annoying glitches.
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