You will need
  • - DSL modem;
  • - Splitter.
If you have already signed a contract with the company "Megaline", proceed to configuring your Internet access. Connect the DSL modem to the phone line. Use this splitter – a device that distributes the signal between the modem and the phone.
Connect the computer to the DSL modem using a normal network cable. To implement this connection in the modem there is a LAN port. Turn on the modem and the computer. Wait until the operating system is fully loaded. Install Conexant AceessRunner. It should be on the disk supplied together with the DSL modem.
Run this utility and navigate to the tab of the Protocol Setup. Find the VPI field and enter the number 0. Complete the VCI field number 40. Click "Apply" and close the program.
Click on the icon connect to the Internet AccessRunner DSL. Enter in the field "user Name" and "Password" the word megaline. It is necessary for the implementation of the guest compounds. Click "Connect" or "Call".
Open the page Sign up on the website. Be sure to take note of the new values for username and password. Re-start the shortcut for the Internet connection and enter data specified when registering on the website.
If you can not find the program Conexant AceessRunner, open modem settings by typing the original IP address into your browser. Go to the menu WAN Setup (DSL Setting) and set the desired values of the VPI and VCI.
Create a new connection to the Internetby selecting the "setting dial". Complete the menu by specifying the required user name and password. Open the shortcut created connection and click "Connect".