You will need
  • Computer, AC adapter, splitter, modem, Ethernet cable, ADSL cable, power adapter, installation CD with drivers
Before you can configure the modem mode to router , you should connect it to comuter and telephone lines. For this connector to the "Line" splitter connect the telephone line to the Jack "Phone" – phone. ADSL modem connect to terminal "Modem of splitter with the ADSL cable. Connect the ADSLmodem to the power source via the adapter. When the splitter is properly connected, the indicator "ADSL" for the modemshould flash. Then connect the "Ethernet" modemand to the network adapter of the computer using the Ethernet cable. The indicator "LAN" on the ADSL modemshould light up.
Next, you need to configure IP. In the start menu, select settings, then Network connections => local area Connection". Then click "Properties". On the "General" tab, select "Internet Protocol" (TCP/IP). Click "Properties => to Obtain an IP address automatically". Confirm the selected setting by pressing the OK button.
Set up the router. To do this, open a WEB browser and in the address bar type or, depending on the model of the modem. On the opened login page, the fields "Login" and "Password", enter respectively "admin" and "admin". The exact data specified in the documentation that you received with your modemom.
After authorization, you must create an Internet connection with username and password provided by the ISP. Look in the settings of the modemand the items that contain the fields "Username" and "Password/Userpass" and enter the values obtained from the provider.
In the settings menu, locate the points which define the connection type and the value of "VPI/VCI", "Encapsulation". Connection type select "PPPoE" or "PPPoE over Ethernet", value, "VCI/VPI" and "Encapsulation" or leave the default or choose the ones that offers the provider. Restart the modem.