You will need
  • Graphite pencils, charcoal, eraser, sheet of drawing paper.
Select a model. Pre-discuss with her what time she is able to sit in a sedentary position. Seat her in the chair or armchair, give the pose, which is necessary for a portrait. Find the best angle. The lady should sit in the chosen posture for some time to understand how hard it is for her.
Check the source of artificial illumination. Manipulation will help to present the subject in a flattering light — literally and figuratively.
Make a sketch hard pencil or the edge of the coal. The strokes should be light. Better to do a few sketches to get a better feel for the model. Define its characteristic features.
How to draw <strong>girl</strong>
Decide on the composition. The person best placed in the upper part of the sheet — a little left of center. Sketch light touches the whole picture. Try to catch the head tilt, the position of strands of hair, mood, expression, lips and eyes.
Pay special attention to the girl's face. In nature there is no absolute symmetry, but the relative is still present. All of this can be seen by making numerous sketches. The face can be divided into three thirds. Forehead, nose and chin with the mouth — pieces of approximately equal height. Portraying the full-face model, remember that the eyes should be such a distance to fit another eye. Carefully draw the lips. The girl's eyes should reflect thoughts and feelings — will work on their expression.
Draw the shape of the girl. Position of the head, the neck, the position of the arms and torso — this is all extremely important. Hair models must be "living" in life. Use numerous hues and halftones, on what is capable of your imagination and the ability to own graphite pencils.
The shadow figure go by the hatching. Take it easy, no pressure. Too bright, the shading can be corrected. Apply for this soft eraser, breadcrumbs or soft cloth.
At the end of the work carefully examine the diagram and model. Add to the portrait of the flare and touches.
How to draw <strong>girl</strong>