You will need
  • - the ice cubes of broth sage
  • herbal decoctions of cowberry leaf or bearberry
  • - raw potato
Do not drink a lot of fluids before sleep, the last time you can do it 3 hours before bedtime. Reduce salt intake, because it it helps delay the excessive moisture in body tissues.
Wipe the skin with ice wrapped in a napkin. If swelling appears regularly, for freezing ice cubes, use a decoction of sage. To achieve a quick effect alternate the ice with washing my face with warm water.
Help your skin to quickly get rid of the swelling on the face with self-massage. For this purpose the tips of the three fingers pokolachivanii" face in the direction from the center to its outskirts (earlobes, temples, the middle ear). More attention to eyelids. Tapping in this area should be light and careful, from the inner corner to the outer, upper and lower eyelids. Finish the procedure by pressing the fingers on the eyelids of closed eyes, also in circles, and fingers to take away it should be sharp.
To remove excess liquid from fabrics will help the herbal decoctions of cowberry leaf or bearberry. Brew a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of herbs and take before each meal one tablespoon.
Use the Express method which will help to get rid of the swelling on the face quickly and efficiently. Peel a raw potato and grate it on a fine grater, gently squeeze excess juice and apply the resulting mush face. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. This procedure can be replaced by applying cloths dipped in a solution of tea.
Any of these tips will help you only if you will pay attention to your precious health. And if the appearance of swelling in the face has become a regular and appropriate is having trouble, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe you all necessary procedures.