You will need
  • - stopwatch;
  • calculator;
  • - a computer with Microsoft Excel.
Several times note the time, which are one and the same process. For example, how many all unit employees perform the same operation. Record the results.
For convenience, put the result in seconds. Don't forget that the time is not calculated in decimal, but in shestidesyatye system.
Divide the result by the number of employees performing this operation. This will be average time. For the determination of rules usually are using this method. It is possible to calculate the average time required for this assignment the specific qualifications.
In school textbooks in mathematics often found the task a bit of a different kind, but also on the calculation of the average time. For example, when an employee performs during the day several different operations, you need to calculate how much average time it spends on each. Surgery can be of different complexity. Note the time that the employee spends on all operations. Divide the result by the number of jobs.
To calculate the average time it allows the program Microsoft Excel. This can be done in two ways. For example, to convert all values to seconds, to fold and divide the sum by the number of measurements, i.e. to perform an action in the same way as in the previous method.
When using the software does not necessarily convert the time into smaller units. The program allows you to operate the formula CC.MM.SS. Transmit the data to the table, in the cells in one column or in one row. Select the cell under the numbers if they are written in a column, or right.
Look in the top menu of the home tab, and "Edit". In the option "Amount", select "Average".
It may be so that the total amount of time intervals will be longer than 24 hours. In this case you need to change the format of the resulting cells. This is done through the top menu. Find the tab "Format" and "Cells". Find consistently the option of "Number" and "Time" and set 37:30:55.