You will need
  • - to go to the doctor;
  • undergo the therapy.
Claustrophobia is the most common type of phobia, which affects more than 7% of the world population. If you do not take any measures over time, the situation worsens. People no longer visit places where there can be a fit. Such avoidance reinforces the fear. The longer a person is hiding from the problem, the more severe it becomes.
There are several methods of treatment of claustrophobia.The injection – treatment, creating a situation that the person is afraid. As therapy using the Elevator, small room, etc. Its essence lies in pushing the man with his fear. The realization that nothing terrible has happened, becomes a powerful argument for the healing.
Simulation – a method of phobia, when the patient observes a man who is busy whipping up. The patient is taught to learn from his behavior and down to the fact that the person themselves is aware of the groundlessness of their fears.
The discrepancy is that patients are taught to use visualization techniques and relaxation in that moment, when panic starts. While the person is concentrating on mental and physical relaxation, explain to him how and where does unfounded phobia. Person understands that his reaction to the source of fear does not fit his scheme, resulting in bouts of claustrophobia disappear.
During cognitive behavioral therapy patients are taught to counter in the time of the attack, and to shift thoughts, from which arises a sense of fear.
Hypnosis is used in advanced cases. During hypnosis uses relaxation and calming techniques to eliminate panic, fear and concomitant stereotypes.
In some cases, for the treatment of claustrophobia are turning to drugs. It can be soothing syrups, drops, tablets or stronger medication. They help to cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety – palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and others.