Seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist, you can deal with the problem, but only after getting all the necessary expert advice. The doctor will assess the severity of claustrophobia, prescribe medication (antipsychotics and psychotropic drugs), justify the application of a particular methodology.
Try hypnosis, the person enters into a state of trance, simulate the situation that frightens him, and learn to get out of it with the least losses and mental reactions. Experts use the soothing stress techniques to reduce, and then eliminate panic attacks.
Treat claustrophobic fear – you need to artificially create a situation that leads you into a state of panic. You can close in a small room, in the car etc. when Confronted with their fear, going to the end of all the stages of the discharge, you know that there is nothing wrong in the end did not happen. To cure this method takes a few sessions of corrective therapy.
The modeling method is that the patient is instructed to observe how the treatment of discharge – gradually human down to the fact that he is aware of the groundlessness of their fears.
Using techniques of relaxation and visualization, you manage to ignore the frightening situation, and the specialist, meanwhile, makes clear causes of fears.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is used for improving the perception of the situation, learning to control the thoughts that arise at the moment of collision with a frightening situation and ways of overcoming fears. Patient examples and teach sequences of actions that can ease the sense of fear.
The use of drugs in the treatment of claustrophobia may be due to the degree of impairment. In mild cases, it sedative drugs (pills, drops, tinctures, syrups) with a slightly pronounced effect on the nervous system, in severe cases need serious therapy. The drugs aimed at the normalization of the heartbeat, breathing, etc.