Advice 1: How to overcome fear to go in the Elevator

The fear of elevators can seriously ruin a person's life, especially if its the apartment or office located on upper floors. Use the stairs each time can be tiresome, especially if you have to do this more often. Also, do not forget that phobias are bad for the psyche, and then you need to get rid of them and not look for excuses not to go in the Elevator.
How to overcome fear to go in the Elevator

The causes of fear and methods of dealing with him

The most important thing to do to a man, afraid to use the elevators to understand why he is displaying such negative emotions and what he fears. This will depend on the choice of methods of treatment.
Sometimes people can't understand the reasons for their fear, as they lie in long-forgotten events. In this case it is better to contact an experienced psychologist who will be able to use hypnosis to search for answers.

If you were stuck in an Elevator and don't want to relive the unpleasant moments related to this incident, think about what most scared you. Write down the problems you faced, and then specify the solution for each of them. For example, you can remind yourself that you have a mobile phone, and then call for help were not working. If you are afraid that the Elevator will shut off the light, keep a small flashlight or buy a phone with such a function.

People who are afraid of an attack in an Elevator, one should ride either alone or in the company of 3-4 people, obviously not familiar with each other. In this case, the risk of becoming the victim of an attack is very small.

How to get rid of the fear of elevators

Fear of elevators, and claustrophobia, often characterized by bouts of panic attacks. Learning how to deal with them, you will learn how to get rid of the fear. Use the technique of deep even breathing. When terror comes over you, smile – even if you make it purely mechanical, the brain will decode the signal, and the panic slowly begin to recede. Do this every time before you ride in the Elevator.
If there are friends you can talk to them is a good distraction. Another option is to call someone and get involved in a short conversation.

Having mastered the technique of fast combat panic, make it a habit to pass one floor on the Elevator, and then to go two floors up the stairs. When doing this will become easier, increase the time of stay in the Elevator. Do not rush, do not rush yourself to achieve results, we must act consistently

When you feel fear, imagine your inner child and talk to him the way adults talk to kids. Think short soothing phrases that you really could tell the child. Repeat them to yourself to calm down before going to the Elevator, and you will notice that fear begins to recede.

Advice 2: How to learn to overcome your fear

Fear is a natural reaction to possible danger. The basis of fear is the belief that people can not cope with certain life circumstances. In order to succeed in life, you will have to learn to overcome that feeling.
How to learn to overcome your fear
Make it a habit to act in the chosen direction in spite of fear. Convince yourself that this is just a reaction to attempts to take any action which you did not commit. This reaction can also occur if you are trying to act against their beliefs. Over the years of his life, man develops a certain world, and when it goes against the basic concepts - it causes fear. But to achieve the goals will have to step over it. Do not delay, the more time fears own you, the harder it is to overcome them. Tell yourself: "I'm scared, but I'll do it anyway".
Try to overcome your fear in a logical way. To do this, disassemble the scenarios and select the worst of them. Assess your losses in a given scenario. As soon as fear takes concrete shape in the form of consequences for you, it ceases to pose a threat. The reason for this is the fact that at the heart of every fear lies the unknown. If, after detailed analysis of possible consequences of the fear left, then it is justified. Then, consider whether you need to commit a particular act.
Use of the method of analysis. Ask yourself - what are you afraid of and why, whether the fear is rational basis. Think, what do you fear more - to do something or not to achieve your goal. If the fear is left, so your emotions are stronger than logic. Then use visualization. Repeatedly scroll in your imagination as you accomplish that fear. Once you overcome fear in your imagination, to do it in reality will be much easier - on a subconscious level will already be assigned a specific behavior model.
Constantly train your courage. Break your fear into smaller and start them one at a time to overcome. Train to overcome their fears as if you were in the gym. Ie first you lift small weights. Then gradually increase it, and now you are able to lift a fairly heavy rod. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, and the nature of their activities it is necessary to do, start to train with family and friends. Then build a bigger auditorium and practice. And so gradually increase the number of listeners as long as all the fears disappear.
Increase self-esteem. The more you self-righteousness, the easier you will overcome your fears. To do this, use the techniques of autosuggestion and visualization.
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