Advice 1: How to get a gift certificate

In recent times it has become very popular to give for the holidays and birthdays gift certificates. A gift certificate is the document certifying the right of its owner for the purchase of appropriate items for a certain amount.
How to get a gift certificate
Design gift certificates are usually engaged in professional printing company. They are used to print high quality equipment and quality materials. Project development design gift certificates is conducted by designers with the wishes of the client.
For registration of the gift certificate will specify what type of gift certificate you want to issue. Certificates are registered and bearer.
Talk to the designer about the external design gift certificate: speak its size, quality of paper or cardboard, the presence of drawings or photos, be sure to check the location of the name and logo of the store, information about it, specify the date and period of use of the certificate other design features.
Discuss when ordering the number of gift certificates required, the time of their manufacture and the amount you have to pay. Be sure to make a contract for the execution of the order.
The modern Internet stores have also used gift certificates to attract customers. A gift certificate is purchased on the website of the online store and then when you purchase goods is activated. To activate the certificate, having made the appropriate steps on the site, or by using digital code. Activate only paid certificates.
Checkout in the online store using a gift certificate is similar to the process of buying any thing. The only difference in the payment of your order. Payment will occur with a gift certificate. Just follow the commands on the computer monitor.
The convenience of a gift certificate is that certificate recipient can choose the gift by yourself. And it is exactly the gift that he wants and not a useless thing, which will take place in the box and amongst other.

Usually gift certificates for a certain type of product to buy in stores. In addition, the gift certificate can be purchased on sale or win in contests. Or get it as a bonus for active buy (sell).

Advice 2: A gift certificate is a universal gift

Virtually any celebration is not complete without gifts. Sometimes it's hard to think of what to give a loved one to make him happy. To take a gift certificate.
A gift certificate is a universal gift

Advantages of gift certificates

Sometimes the main issue when choosing a gift can be a limitation in financial resources. If it is precisely known that it wants to receive the hero of the occasion as a present, a gift certificate to any store can be a good solution. Adding a little bit of money, the donee will be able to fulfill his dream and purchase the desired item.

A gift certificate will help in cases when you need to congratulate somebody, the affiliation of which is not known. For women will be the most versatile certificate in the cosmetics shop and perfumery or in beauty parlour. Men suitable certificate to a sports store or salon equipment.

Young people will surely enjoy gift certificates for any entertainment. For example, bowling, rides, or Billiards. To give it must be one of those people who loves visiting these places, otherwise the certificate runs the risk to remain not cashed. The main advantage of such a gift is received it decides and chooses when he will go to entertainment.

Gift certificates do not limit the person in a gift. They only put the frame in the choice limited to a certain store or salon. Besides, choosing a more expensive thing, a person can pay the remaining amount. Or, conversely, to buy not one, but several any items.

Certificates obtained in any of the large chain stores, can be redeemed in any store that is part of the holding, regardless of its territorial location, ie it can be another city or even region.

Cons of gift certificates

The downsides of such a universal gift little, but still they are there. The main limitation of the validity period of the certificate. This means that the cash it needs for a specific length of time specified on the reverse side.

Another important point is that if the certificate will be paid for the purchase, the amount of which is less than the stated on the form, the difference will not be refunded.

Also the validity of the certificate extends only to goods and services represented in the organization where you purchased such a present: a particular store or retail chain, a specific gym or beauty salon.

In many stores when you purchase goods at the gift certificate are not eligible for the discount buyer.

The gift card amount can vary in wide range: 500-10000 rubles and more. But not every person agrees to advertise the cost of their gift. In this case, the certificate as a gift does not fit.
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