According to this science, birth date is a unique code which helps to determine priorities in life, personality, etc. to calculate this code you must combine the numbers of day, month and year of birth. For example, you was born on 7 October 1987. Add up the digits of your birthday together, not including zeros. In this case, the calculation would look like this: 7+1+1+9+8+7=33.
In the end, you should have a single-digit number. If that figure was double-digit, as in the previous step, fold the two figures included in it. For example, the number 33, the calculation will look like this: 3+3=6. In this example, the 6 – digit date of birth. Once you know your number, contact him the interpretation.
People born under the number 1 are the undisputed leaders, have the assertiveness, efficiency almost always win in disputes and do not lose self-control. On the way to achieving the goal, they often go ahead with demanding to themselves and to others.
Number 2 says that man tends to seek compromise. He is often indecisive, melancholic, experiences periods of self-doubt. However, his innate resourcefulness helps him to realize in life. Man-"deuce" loves family and has a highly developed intuition.
People-the"Troika" extremely sociable, emotional, easy to make fun and don't lose them because of their charm and optimism. They are able to inspire others to do great things. In General, they perceive life as an attraction, and every day find something fun.
The number 4 symbolizes caution, rationality, no risk, and independence and hard work. Belonging to this number suggests that the person is conservative, likes to sort out. As a rule, he walks slowly to the goal, but thanks to the determination and persistence almost always achieves it.
Figure 5 gives the person a craving for travelling and languages. Man-"five" enthusiast, has versatile looks, striving for harmony and self-improvement. He loves adventure and will never put their lives sharp graphics. It is characterized by sociability and brilliant organizational skills.
If your number is 6, you love justice, kind to the art. You romantic, has natural charm and good intuition. You are able to sympathize with and help not only in word but in deed. Despite the inherent responsibility, large sums of money you have is not delayed.
The number 7 speaks of talented individuals, inclined to philosophy and alienation. It is introverted, which not only allow the emotions to come out, but they spend a lot of time alone. To find common language with them is possible thanks to the prudent approach, and then they will seduce you with its intelligence and subtle humor.
People with number 8 characterizes the independence and energy. They're businessmen by nature with a strong-willed character. They are distinguished by the independence, stubbornness, cold calculation. They are rarely subject to emotions, but resilient to all of life's troubles and wise.
"Nine" is most often associated with creativity, delicate, sensitive and vulnerable. They tend to think sometimes utopian ideas. They easily parted with money, preferring to help those in need. The face of deceit real life, they can have a moment of self-doubt, but very soon we will inspire ourselves and others to the embodiment of original ideas.