You will need
  • Gel or special agent "texturizer", hair, nail fixing, comb with a few teeth
Currently, there are a huge number of tools for creating hairstyles with wet hair effect. Apart from gels, there are special varnishes, sprays-called "texturizer", which help to define individual strands and give them a glossy sheen.
Control "wet" styling depends on the length and structure of your hair. For example, if you have gorgeous curly hair, to give them a "wet" effect, you will use "texturizer", and if you are the owner of short and straight hair, you need a more persistent means. It is important not to overdo it, and instead of "wet" effect, get the effect of dirty hair.
So, on curly hair, apply to wet hair gel and comb comb with a few teeth. Don't forget to decorate eye-catching accessories, for that perfect ring, hair flower or a silk scarf.
If you are the owner of short, and even the straight hair to create hairstyles with effect of wet hair apply a compressive movements special form the toffee. Creative haircut can refresh it, making a few hand movements with the "wet" tool, sherashov the top and prigladit occipital. For everyday option "wet" hair styling tool be on a separate zone by comb with a few teeth or fingers.
On the long hair "wet" effect can be achieved with the help of mousse (gel weigh down hair). Apply to hair, then dry with a Hairdryer, creating waves, fix the paint, removing unnecessary pomp. It is also possible after applying mousse to wind the hair on curlers and a little dry with a Hairdryer. Then remove from the curlers separating each curl into smaller strands. For fixing spray varnish.