OPTION 1: Curls with Curling irons

One of the fastest ways to make curls – screw them into the Curling iron. It is better to select devices with temperature control and a gentle coating of the heating element.

To protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures will allow the special sprays for Curling and flat iron. The tool is distributed evenly to clean hair, consived with raschetti.

Start to wind the curls need with the back of the head. The hair on the crown to collect the clips and the remaining to distribute on locks. After the light on the Curling iron show the maximum temperature, you can begin to wrap.

Starting from the tip of strands, tightly wound hair on the Curling. In this state, you must hold the lock of not more than 15 seconds, then carefully remove the Curling iron, trying not to dissolve, the resulting spiral.

Thus wound hair on the whole surface of the head. Comb the curls only after cooling coils. At the completion of the hairstyle is fixed with hair spray.

So the curls turn out moderately elastic and the same. If spin locks are strictly inside, it is possible to achieve a wave effect.

OPTION 2: Curls using curlers

Curlers is classic. With their help, romantic curls did our grandmothers. Time-tested means true in our days.

For curlers the hair should be clean and slightly damp. It is not necessary to wind the curlers into wet hair, because it will take much more time to commit.

The hair on the head is distributed on the strands, starting from the top. Each strand is applied with a fixing spray or a small ball of mousse distributed via raschetti. After carefully strand is wound on a curler and secured with clip in hair roots.

It is important not to wind the hair too tightly. Curlers on the head to hold on tight, but not to cause discomfort.

To speed up the drying process, you can use a hair dryer. After drying, the curlers are removed and the curls stesyvajut massage use comb.

OPTION 3: Curls with braids

Another easy way to make curls is to braid hair in a braid. For small curls, you will need to weave multiple braids, braiding one braid will give larger waves.

The braid is woven on clean, damp hair. Before weaving you need to carefully comb your hair and apply along the entire length of the liquid balm or mousse. This option is suitable in cases when the next day you need to quickly do my hair, and the prospect of spending all night in curlers cause mouth.

OPTION 4: Curls using a bun maker

The bun – a practical option to remove the hair, and in some cases even an ascetic formal hairstyles. However, bun can afford to make beautiful curls, no worse than using Curling irons.

This will need to wash your hair and dry them with a strong jet of the Hairdryer. On wet hair, apply a fixing mousse and distributed on all length of hair.

After you need to collect hair at the nape as it is done for the horse's tail, and then wind the ponytail into a bundle. The hair wound at the base of the tail and fixed with elastic rubber band.

Hair can dry hair dryer, directing the jet directly on the bun, or to give to commit in a natural way.

OPTION 5: Curls with your hands

Perhaps the most simple variant – to create curls in literally with their hands. This option is more suitable for those with porous hair that is prone to waviness. This will need to wash your hair, towel dry, and then apply the gel medium hold.

After the need to tilt the head forward and intensively to crush the hair. Practically it looks like. The palm grip the hair from the ends and tighten them to the roots, thereby enabling the curl to form naturally.

Once the hair is dry, hair is formed by raschetti and fixed with hairspray.