You will need
  • - solid wax;
  • wax in the spray;
  • - Hairdryer
  • round brush;
  • - the thin comb;
  • - curlers.
In the sale meets solid wax, packaged in cans and liquid product to the spray. Hard wax is indispensable in the formation of sculptural hair, fixing bangs and separate the strands, making hair and also to create the effect of perfectly smooth hard hair.

Liquid wax spray will help to make a very stiff, dry and unruly hair. He gently fixes the hair helps make the curl "alive" and shiny and gives them a healthy look.
Before treatment give the hair in order. Wash them and dry thoroughly with a Hairdryer. Take out of the jar slightly and spread it in his hands, slightly warming. So the wax will fall evenly. Apply it to the selected strands evenly, spreading along the entire length.
Further actions depend on the General idea hairstyles. If you want to MOP of curls, apply a narrow strand of wax and curl it on the curler of the selected diameter. Tighten all the hair, dry them with a Hairdryer. Remove the rollers and arrange the curls between his fingers. Get bouncy curls or tight waves.
Wax are indispensable in the creation of sculptural hairstyles. If you need to apply steep wave, apply the wax on the strand, spending on her palms, lift the curl using a thin comb, lock in the selected position and dry a hair dryer, holding the device is not too close to the hair. A wave can be further treated with a wax spray or hairspray.
You want to put a short cut feathers? Take a little wax, RUB it in hands and apply on hair on all length. Don't take too much, otherwise hair will look greasy. You can smooth hair comb or, conversely, to raise their fingers, slightly walkmate. RUB a drop between your index finger and thumb of the right hand and form the "feathers" on the temples and bangs, pulling the strands with your fingers. Dry with a hair dryer.
The wax will help when working with long hair. Apply to clean dry hair wax spray along the entire length, avoiding the roots. Wrap the strands on a larger round brush and treat them with a Hairdryer set on the lowest temperature. Get shiny soft waves.
Before you can weave braids, hair also can be treated with wax – so hairstyles will not be out the small hairs, and do the braids will look more smooth and shiny. For the braid you can use any kind of tools. After styling hair, you can additionally fix it with the wax spray.