Hair gel is an effective and easy-to-use tool for installation. This styling product can vary according to the degree of fixation. There are like transparent gels and colored yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. to use to create hairstyles you can gel with effect of rectification, "wet hair", a moisturizer, a product that gives hair volume.

The secrets of styling gel

The rule of thumb when styling hair gel – do not use too much, otherwise the hair looks unnatural. They are similar to icicles. Correctly put the gel in my hair, causing the roots of the minimal amount to the hair did not seem greasy. Today gels are sold in the format of aerosols, gels or just liquid funds. Skillfully using them, you can get amazing results without assistance, creating a male or female hairstyle.
The fixing properties of the gel are achieved through the inclusion in the composition of complex polymers that envelop the hair.

Fixing gels are perfectly suited for dry hair, they also moisturize the hair and impart Shine. Also, these styling products are used for styling unruly hair, to cope with the problem of static electricity. The gels protect your hair from sun rays, the products are often enriched with vitamins and other nutrients.

If you want to get smooth hair, a small amount of gel is applied to the areas that you wish to emphasize. The same method is used to separate strands of hair, for example, bangs.

The use of hair gel

Liquid gel is used to obtain the effect of wet hair, drying with a curl diffuser. It is necessary to pound in his hands a little gel and apply the product on wet hair, dry hair need only slightly, hairstyle modeling at will. This hairstyle is perfect for owners of short hair or medium length.

Make hair volume with gel just, if you apply a few drops to wet or dry strands, then blow dry with a round brush. Thus it is necessary to tighten up the curls at the roots. If necessary, you can find a video how to do a voluminous hairstyle with heel styling.
Using styling gel, you can make curls with the help of thermal or normal curlers. The product is applied to strands before they are wound into spiral or other types of curlers.

Easy to use spray and gel to simulate the hair it can be used with fingers or comb. This gel spray from a distance of 20-30 cm on dry hair, distribute well the product with a brush through the hair and shape the hair.