Prepare the hair for the procedure of carving or biozavivki. They then looked luxurious, shiny and healthy, you must first cut dry and split ends. So the curls during the procedure formed correctly and beautifully.
Rate the overall health of hair. If they are badly damaged may need a few weeks to spend on their recovery hydrating mask. If you want to update your hairstyle quickly, the wizard can conduct a rapid procedure to restore the structure of hair before the procedure of carving or biozavivki. Also the hairdresser will select the composition of the curlers, protective equipment and rollers, are best suited to your hair type.
Contact a good beauty salon, it is better to trusted specialist, who in about half an hour will make you curly beauty. The essence of the procedure carving that hair wound on the curlers of the size you select. The bigger and softer you want the curls, the greater must be the diameter of the curler. Wound on the hair , the hairdresser applies a special composition, which is aged for a certain time, then washed off.
Remember that effect of curly or wavy hair will remain until, until you wash the head. After washing the hair need to be styled, but this would be much easier. Simply apply a sculpting gel for curls and dry them with a diffuser.Ways easy and fast positioning after carving a huge variety. Wavy hair can easily make tight curls or to give them a natural volume, causing a bit of foam and allowing the curls to dry naturally.
Take care of hair after the procedure carving the same way as before. Do not be lazy once a week do a hydrating mask that will maintain their health and Shine. Once a month, trim the ends so that the hair looked flawless, curls and better hold the shape.