Wash and carefully dry your hair with a towel, removing them from the excess moisture. Select the appropriate tool. For thin hair the desired foam mild or moderate fixation lend easy volume. To lift heavy and voluminous strands, you will need a strong hold mousse.
Shake the spray can – so you need to do before each use. Dispense mousse into palm. A portion of the funds depends on length of hair. For ultra-short haircut enough ball the size of a quail egg for long hair will need a portion the size of a tennis ball. In case of doubt, decrease the amount – if necessary, you can always add it, and a surplus of mousse will make hair too heavy and lose their luster.
Apply foam to the roots of the hair, carefully massage it and distribute on all length. For greater convenience, use a comb with rare teeth. Dry the strands with a hair dryer or a hair-brush, lifting them to create volume. This hairdo gives the hair volume and looks very natural. It can be done before going out or before bedtime.
If you want bouncy curls, do it the other way. Carefully comb wet hair, apply a mousse, distributing it along the entire length. Divide hair into strands and curl them into curlers. Dry curls until dry, remove the rollers and spray on hair varnish weak fixation. Then whip the strands with your fingers, not using a comb to make the curls not developed.
Effect thought-out mess on my head you can create when styling dry hair. This is the fastest method that does not require subsequent blow-drying. If the strands are too fuzziness, lightly spray them with spray that removes excess static electricity. Squeeze into palm of hand ball of mousse the size of an orange and intensively RUB it into the hair, lifting them and fixing fingers. Wavy locks will settle down in careless curls. Secure the hair lacquer.