Cut (folded) blow the outer part of the foot. By this technique we are preparing just like a normal blow outer part of the foot. To make the ball rotation in any direction strike to the side from the middle. The ball began to rotate to the outside, hit him in the part which is towards the supporting leg closer. First tap the ball to the part of lift closest to your fingers and then make a kicking motion in the direction of the legs and lift support from the ball of the foot, when it will be at the middle of the elevation.
Forehand Topspin the inner part of the foot. When you attack with your right foot, run left from the ball side. The supporting foot should be behind the ball and slightly to the side. Struck the inner part of the ascent by far from the back foot of the ball. The leg should be how casual ride around the ball, thereby giving it a rotation around its axis. The ball after such a blow will fly forward, rotating to the left.
For training slice shots use the same exercise that when you exercise the usual bumps different sides of the climb. The corner bumps is an excellent exercise. I would like to note that many famous and not so famous players have ensured that the ball flew straight into the goal without assistance.
To impact the outer part of the foot, the players resorted frequently. It's much easier than to beat the inner part of the foot. Although the real kicker you need to be able to use both that, and another. Also remember that from what position is the ankle during his contact with the ball depends on the height of the ball.
To spin the ball correctly, adopt a simple and effective exercise. Install on box a half-meter rack. Until you get to the ball in flight as if it twirled. You can beat any side of the lift. And do not fret, do not worry, if the job at first will not be you get. This is normal. You just need to train harder and more often, then the result of waiting will not make.