Carports can be a real salvation from the scorching sun and torrential rain and in those cases when the owners do not have time to build a major garage on the adjoining site. If desired, the canopy eventually it will be possible to retrofit, upgrade or rebuild in the garage. Before you build a carport, it is necessary to determine design and material from which manufactured its roof.

Design features carport

There are only two main types of construction shed. It can be made in the form of stationary structures and as an extension to the house. To attach the canopy to the wall is easier than to build a separate structure. Therefore, this kind of design is most popular among the car owners. With proper choice of material the canopy is made as an extension to the house, could harmoniously fit into the design of the local area. To create a frame in this case, you can use a metal profile or wooden Board, but preference is often given the first option, as it allows you to get a more solid and durable construction.
If the decor of the area requires a certain material, supports may be made of concrete, stone or brick.

The stationary frame of the canopy in the same way as in the first case, is made of metal or wood. The complexity of the construction of the canopy is necessary to use at least four support stands. The shape of the roof overhang depends on the material of the frame. It can be: direct, spherical, arched, or wavy. With regard to the dimensions of the canopy, they can be different, namely, room for one car, two or a small fleet.

During the construction of the shed with his own hands is most commonly used polycarbonate. This is the simple version of the construction of the canopy as it does not require welding and other complicated works to deal with which can only professionals.

How to build a carport polycarbonate

To start, bend profile pipe to the required radius. A curved I-beam in the future will need to connect with the stand by means of a scarf cut from steel sheet of thickness not exceeding five millimeters. Eight stands cut two scarf, then, and in beams and columns, drill two holes and connect these elements together by means of bolts. In the result you should have four pieces of the future canopy.
Don't forget at this stage to paint the design, so in the future to deal with metal corrosion.

Now you will need to concrete the supports. To do this in the ground hole, the depth of which shall be 90 cm, and immure them in asbestos cement pipe, and then fasten them on the prepared rack. Of the core pipe manufactured joists that will act as the basis for the roof and seal them using beams.
The frame of the canopy can be made of wooden beams, but they do not have the same strength and durability as metal.

When attaching the beams and the lag don't forget that the beam will not fit flush relative to the column so that the installation of the roof turned into a small sun visor, to facilitate installation at the lag. When construction is completely finished, zabetonirovana stand, then proceed to the installation of the roof. Polycarbonate to the frame must be secured using screws.

The canopy is made of polycarbonate for car, built by all the rules, will be a long time to protect the transport from the adverse effects of the environment.