Computer and Internet have become usual phenomena in many families. Ask the children or grandchildren to show you the basics, learn how to use these benefits of civilization. In many cities, bodies of social protection organises computer courses, where you will learn to create blogs or even their own websites. Themes for them to select one that is close to you, for example, housekeeping, cooking or crafts. If the blog or website is interesting, and it will be visited by Internet users, you will be able to get extra income from posting ads. In retirement, you can master the profession of the copywriter or to engage in the sale of rewriting on textual exchanges.
Using the same Internet connection, you can sell your rich experience. If you worked, for example, an accountant, economist or engineer required by today's profession, and then writing an ad in the newspaper or online, you will be able to find students with whom to share secrets. It is easy to find the earnings of those pensioners who worked as teachers, mathematicians, linguists, physicists, chemists and biologists, they can do tutoring.
If you love crafting, or perhaps you have a well-received homemade canned workpiece, it can also be a source of permanent income. On their products you will always find customers who can become regular customers and clients. Will be high appreciated the ability to weave bead, embroider, knit. Even a passion for growing indoor plants can bring good money if you sell plants.
Those pensioners who are able to do house or working in the garden, also do not have to sit without work, if they offer their services provided to families living in their own homes and leading economy. You will be able to be employed part-time cook, maid, gardener. In such jobs, like usher, caretaker or Concierge, was also constantly requires pensioners, for whom attractive is even a small earnings.