To cure currently diabetes mellitus type 2 is not possible, but today they can easily manage. The management program included the following principles: a healthy lifestyle (diet, standardized exercise, stress prevention); drug treatment (oral hypoglycemic drugs, insulin therapy, entretenimiento).
Diet includes: balanced fractional power in small portions at least 6 times a day; low-calorie diet if overweight; limit carbohydrates; increase the amount of food rich in fiber; reducing consumption of saturated fats and decrease the amount of salt to 3 grams per day. The diet should contain required quantity of minerals and vitamins, in the autumn-winter period is recommended to take complex preparations.
The patient was recommended daily dosed physical exertion: walking outdoors, Cycling, swimming, light running, etc.
Medicinal management of the disease are the following groups of drugs: biguanides (Metformin); a sulfonylurea; glitazone (rosiglitazon and pioglitazone); glendy (Repaglinide and nateglinide); inhibitors of α–glucosidase (acarbose); entretenimiento (exenatide); inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase–IV (sitagliptin).
If glucose-lowering drugs do not provide the normal level of glucose throughout the day, patients assigned to insulin therapy. The use of insulin in this case will help to achieve a normal level of glucose in blood and to achieve patient Wellness.
Combination therapy is prescribed to maintain normal values of glycemia during long time. Most often endocrinologists are assigned to combinations of oral hypoglycemic drugs such as sulfonylurea in combination with Metformin or sulfonylurea with exenatide. The most effective combination of a good therapeutic effect is insulin in combination with Metformin.