Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which is manifested by increased blood glucose level. In high concentrations the substance is hazardous to all body cells. In diabetes, the possible acute complications – coma, which, without proper treatment life threatening. In addition, the gradually developing late complications, damaging vital organ systems.

What are the complications of diabetes affect life expectancy

Currently a diabetic coma less often be the cause of death. Effective medications and early detection of disease plays a key role. The greatest danger to life are late complications, namely damage to major arteries. Cardiovascular diseases occupy the first place in the structure of mortality of patients with diabetes. Kidney damage and nervous tissue also affect life expectancy.

Statistics on life expectancy of patients

Diabetes mellitus is divided into several types, each of which is a separate disease. The duration of life of the patients varies greatly in different types of the disease. According to the Federal target program in Russia, the average life expectancy of patients with type 1 men is 55.3, and women of 59.1 years. In type 2 diabetes the numbers are much more optimistic: 71,5 years for men and 73.5 years for women.
The average life expectancy in Russia is 59.1 years for men and of 73.0 years for women.

Thus, diabetes type 1 diabetes reduces life expectancy by 5-15 years. As for type 2, it is a disease of the aged. People with this disease live statistically longer than the rest. Of course, this paradox does not indicate a positive impact of type 2 diabetes on health. The data indicate a high prevalence of the disease in old age.

What affects the life expectancy in diabetes

On life expectancy in diabetes is influenced by many factors. It is known that the earlier debut of the disease, the worse the prognosis. Especially greatly reduces the years of life diabetes since childhood. Unfortunately, this is one of those factors which cannot be influenced. But there are others that you can change.

So we know that the life expectancy in diabetes is influenced by Smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, much depends on the concentration of glucose in the blood.
Normalization of blood sugar is achieved through diet, exercise, tablets and insulin injections.

If a patient with diabetes will adhere to the treatment recommendations and healthy lifestyle, then he has every chance to live to a ripe old age.