If you have been diagnosed with diabetes 2-type", endocrinologist (or in some cases, diabetology) certainly warned about a complete ban of fast utilizable carbohydrates. These include sweets with the addition of flour and refined sugar, savoury pastry, potatoes, some fruits and berries. Most likely, the doctor gave detailed recommendations on the use of sugar substitutes. And warned about the desired reduction of carbohydrates "in General" - that is, melanosome too.

How to eat if you have diabetes, if imposed so many restrictions? The answer might surprise: as usual. Only products from now on, your diet will include others. Used in the morning to a delicious porridge – cook for health! From cereals the previous Express buckwheat diet, which can combine with flax meal and flour from the Jerusalem artichoke. The latter two products provide an opportunity to cook porridge, which texture similar to semolina. But, unlike semolina, they will not increase the sugar a person with diabetes of the 2nd type.

Love the sandwiches here and no problems! Food should be a joy, but because not all habits need to be changed radically. Enough to learn baking protein bread – i.e. bread in which the flour is replaced by wheat gluten, and eat sandwiches on the health! Low-fat cheese, boiled meat, chicken breast laid on a thin layer of mustard or tomato sauce – and a delicious Breakfast is ready.

You like potatoes and you a day is not to put it in the soup? Now use the roots of Jerusalem artichoke. Not only that, this vegetable tastes as close to the potatoes, and contains a great deal of inulin – an indispensable substance in human nutrition with diabetes of the 2nd type.

Rice pasta is easy to replace shirataki – products from the root of a tropical plant of cognac. In the form of rice, noodles, spaghetti and other pasta, shirataki are extremely low calorie (12,5 kcal per 100 g) and suitable for diabetes of the 2nd type characteristics (proteins 0.49 g, carbohydrates and fats – 0.3 g per 100 g).

Fruit is allowed in moderation almost all citrus (except mandarins sweet). But apples it is desirable to consume only locally-grown. They have much less sugar, but more of pectin, which is recommended in this disease.

Nutrition in diabetes of the 2nd type should be not only low carb, but contain less fat. In this case, nutritionists recommend using olive oil or other vegetable oil, cold pressed, tucking them ready meals. It is also possible 1-2 times a week to cook for a couple or bake in parchment fatty fish – such as salmon. Fat contained in fish is absorbed by different principles than other kinds of animal fat, and diabetes of the 2nd type is actually recommended.