First of all, change your lifestyle, move more, do not abuse the foods that contain a lot of carbs, take vitamins and minerals. Skin needs good tone and care, so it is necessary to moisturize and nourish.
Contact a beauty salon. Very good help in the fight against stretch marks mesotherapy and peeling. Laser peeling is more gentle than chemical, it is able to do the process of elimination of defects of the skin painless and effective. A thin laser beam strictly controls the depth of stretch marks, so the result is smooth skin.
A chemical peel is a very painful procedure. For removing old stretch marks beauticians use acid, which can burn the deep layer of the epidermis. This procedure should only be performed by a qualified technician, as the acid is very toxic and the human body is at dire risk. So no need to risk it, there are more gentle methods of getting rid of stretch marks.
Try mezoterapiju. Mesotherapy is the most gentle way to remove stretch marks on the body. Areas of concern are delivered a special drug, it accumulates in the skin and therefore acts slowly. In addition, today there are special masterpiese mixture, they improve the elasticity of skin, eliminate stretch marks, improve elasticity and overall skin condition.
If nothing can help in achieving the cherished goal – contact a plastic surgeon. Currently, a professional surgeon can remove the flaps of skin with existing stretch marks. If it is taken by a qualified doctor, success is guaranteed, stretch marks will be no more.At home you can get rid of only fresh stretch marks, chronic skin blemishes to clean up their own unlikely to succeed.