If the waist machine sewn fabric, zamknutaya in the ring, cut it – you will not need it, and the needles stuck into a fabric, left on the surface of cars ugly scratches. Throw away all the old, bent, dull needle and waste, as their usage may spoil the machine.
Disassemble the sewing machine, remove the needle plate cover, remove the hook, and then clean the needle and tweezers under the surface of the needle plate from the mixture of old dust and fibers mixed with machine oil. Using a thick needle to clean the teeth that move the fabric over the needle plate.
After that, take the kerosene and clean from thickened oil and lint Shuttle device. Also clear the hook using the knife.
When the dirt is removed, take a disposable syringe with a thick needle and a bottle of special household lubricating oil for sewing machines. In the housing of the sewing machine, you will see several holes.
Drip with a syringe in each hole 3-4 drops of oil, then put the same oil in the holes of the needle bar and presser foot, and then lubricate the bobbin winding. Lay the machine on its side, opening the mechanism. Lubricate the internal mechanisms of the machine, then turn the handle of the car to distribute the oil on all the details.
Let's see how installed the washer in the friction device. The washer should be placed so that the projections were sent out. If the washer was incorrectly, install it as necessary, and then tighten the friction and stopping the screws. Proper care of sewing machine and from time to time lubricating it, you will ensure its longevity and proper function.
To ensure that the machine is not subjected to negative environmental influences, do not store it in humid and too hot places.