Select as many features characteristic of the initial stages of onychomycosis. It can be burning and itching of the skin near the nail, flaking, the appearance of microcracks expressed tuberosity, a slight thinning of the nail plate, the appearance on its surface white, grayish or yellowish spots.
Check the development of fungal disease serious stages. This is evidenced by the thinning or destruction of the nail, the sensation is very unpleasant odor, discomfort. Such signs can cause a doubt that the nails prone to running onychomycosis.
The vast majority of cases, the skin around the affected nail also has a very unhealthy appearance. It is very coarse like corn, covered with scales and has a slightly bluish tint.
Remember, did anything to contribute to the infection of the nails by a fungus. Often this happens in public places – on beaches, in pools, in baths. If you use someone else's Slippers, washcloth and other items, the risk of infection increases. Development of onychomycosis also contribute to the fading of the skin, excessive sweating feet, poor cleanliness, and sometimes varicose veins.
Consult a dermatologist for advice. Only a specialist can accurately determine the presence and type of fungal disease. In addition, he will appoint the right treatment relevant to one stage or another.
Fungus of the nails, usually immediately noticeable. But in the initial stages of onychomycosis can be easily confused with ordinary subungual hematoma. It often occurs in athletes, Jogging or active walking. Treat damage and watch him for a few days. Hematoma quickly disappears with proper care, treatment and selection of the new, more comfortable shoes.