Unfortunately, the wonderful drinks, after drinking that, you can begin to understand the language of birds and animals and to distinguish words in the rustle of leaves, occur only in fairy tales. But in real life, attentive pet owner can conduct your pet to understand what he wants to say.
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One of the most important organs of the animal with which it can communicate with a person is the tail. Everyone knows that when a dog wags its tail furiously in all directions, she feels joy and every owner, coming home, saw how his faithful dog sits at the door, wagging its tail. Cats have the same tail mean something else. So, if the cat wags its tail, so it kind of annoyed her, something angry and, quite possibly, she will rush at the offender. If only the twitching tip of the tail – a cat's playful mood, something sparked her curiosity. If it is in this moment and the rush, only to deal with the wrapper from the candy or your sneakers.
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Very much can be understood by barking dogs. The person who contains the dog is not the first month, and you'll notice how different the barking of a dog at the moment in the garden when a bunch of strangers, when to the porch threw a blind kitten, and when the neighborhood appeared a pack of stray dogs. Subsequently, you will hear the barking of your dog to understand what is happening in your backyard.
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Undoubtedly, your pet's eating habits, which are peculiar only to him. Watch him for a few days, and you'll learn to understand when your animal wants to eat, when to play and when he has something hurts. Moreover, luring you to the kitchen in the morning, your cat or dog will be surprised of your slowness, if you don't understand immediately what she wants from you.
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Often talk to the owners, such as parrots, goldfish or a Pomeranian, as you have. The owners will gladly tell you how they communicate with their Pets that will help you with your pet to better understand each other and without any magic potions.
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