Do not take a rounded, wide pupils of your cat, as an infringement on your right to be in charge. She's just really scared, better leave her alone.
But a narrow strip of pupils talking about covert aggression. The cat in this state, flip over on your back, lock the feet to make it impossible to move, and look into her eyes till she take a look. Thus, you give your pet to understand who is the boss.
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If you want to play with a pet, then observe the behavior of his tail. A relaxed tail means excitement, anticipation of the game. Slow strokes of his tail, talk about the irritation.
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If your cat constantly licks himself, it indicates a constant stress. She can lick themselves to non-healing wounds. In such a situation, immediately contact your veterinarian.
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Pulling legs forward, the cats asking you to notice, caressed, fed. Do not ignore your pet at such moments, he will reward you with affection and tenderness.
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Evening and night waking is completely normal phenomenon in the behavior of your pet. Play with him before bedtime so he has spent the energy and doesn't disturb you at night.
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