Advice 1: How to renew provisional driving license

Every 10 years the owners are faced with the need to renew a driver's license. However, in fact, a driver's license is not renewed, and is replaced by a new.
How to renew provisional driving license

To obtain a new permit in accordance with established and applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation rules must execute and deliver to the appropriate authority certain documents (medical certificate of the established sample, 2 photos 3 x 4, payment receipt tax, card driver itself driver's license).

As for the temporary driver's licence it is issued for no more than two months, drivers who committed traffic violations that resulted in the deprivation of rights. Therefore, the need of validity of the temporary driving permit limited to the period of investigation, however, what if the investigation lasts beyond two months, who can in this case extend a temporary driver's license?

In accordance with applicable law, to extend a temporary driver's license can be for a period of not more than a month in one case. To extend the validity period of the certificate may the investigating authority, the judge and any authorized person. For extension you must grant the petition.

As a rule, extension of temporary driving licence is a fairly simple procedure, however, there are valid difficulties. For example, problems can arise if in the case of license suspension a complaint is filed, consideration of which is the same time, but without the consideration to extend the period of temporary rights is impossible.

Do not forget about the fact that a temporary license is necessary not only to renew in a timely manner, but also to pass at the time of entry into force of the verdict in the case.


Advice 2 : How to get the timing right

Temporary driving permit is issued in cases of permanent withdrawal for violation of traffic rules or to the manufacture of new rights in replacement for any reason or to replace lost. With this document you can get behind the wheel before they are ready, the new permanent law or not will come into force the decision of the court on the return you certificate or deprivation of rights.
How to get the timing right
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the document of temporary registration (if relevant);
  • - a certificate of passing the driving examination;
  • - existing permanent or temporary driving licence (if any);
  • - color photo of 3 to 4;
  • - receipt of payment of state duty for the production of a new driver's license (if applicable).
The most unpleasant, but simple from the point of view of registration of temporary rights situation, when the police accuses you of violating the rules for which can deprive of the rights. Withdrawing your constant law, he writes you a temporary on the spot.The fate of your driver's license the court will decide. Before the entry of its verdict in force, you have the right to sit behind the wheel. If the case drags on, then at the expiration of some temporary rights (starting in 2008, they can write a maximum of two months) will have to contact the division of traffic police at the place of registration or temporary registration, to register others.
During office hours please contact the division of traffic police at the place of permanent or temporary registration. His address, telephone numbers and opening hours you can read on the info line of regional management of traffic police or on his official website.Take a full set of required documents. If you have an existing medical certificate has expired, fill out a new one.
The amount of state duty and Bank details for payment you can find on the website of the regional Department of the traffic police.
If all documents are in order, employees of traffic police themselves will fill in your application for the grant of rights. Temporary law they will be discharged on the same day.
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