Start practicing with the basics. Buy a small figure-mannequin and start to get the hand in the preservation of body proportions. These proportions are the same for all people, but unlike the male body, where there is a further extension of elements of the female body on the contrary requires smoothing.
Proceed to the first attempts. You can start with. Learn to draw fingers in different ways and from different angles. Pay attention to the features of women's hands and feet. Even if the girl is slightly overweight, transitions should be smooth and elegant.
Review the structure of the female breast. This is perhaps one of the most difficult moments. If everything else in the female body lends itself to a modicum of standardization, options of the female breast as much as women themselves. Learn how to draw several template options. In practice, with frequent drawing you will learn to understand what the breast should be one or the other of your model, and what are the differences.
Be careful with the waist and buttocks. Very often it is these parts that cause that the artist starts from the beginning. Follow the proportions, not thin waist. The harmony is good, but frequently the picture it looks like the thinness, but they are different things. And also look at the photos, it looks like the curve of the buttocks at different poses sitting and while walking. If you always "static" to draw these muscles, the result is very comical.
Play with lighting. Almost all of the most exciting images created by the play of light. It not only adds realism and brightness, but also allows you to highlight what needs to be seen and hide the rest. These are photographers, and this is available to you. Put the light on a perfectly drawn legs and hips. Thus, you will attract attention, averted gaze, for example, of not quite balanced forearms or failed expressions of the girl.