You will need
  • - a sheet of paper
  • sticks coal
  • - eraser
  • - paper napkins
  • - fixative
Proposed contours of the body. Break off from the coal sticks a small piece and applying an intermediate tone, her side set the basic contours of the model's body. Lightly RUB a carbon pigment with a finger. Sharpened charcoal stick outline of the back, abdomen and upper leg; RUB the lines with your finger. Draw left arm a model, and then again grind the coal.
Apply a darker tone. Show intermediate tone curve of the neck and mark the place where begins the head of the model. Dense shading indicate the thigh and chest. Deepen the tone on the left side of the face, and then RUB applied the shading with your finger. Draw the legs and again, RUB the line with your finger.
Draw the contours. Draw the tip of the coal sticks to the contours of the abdomen, chest and buttocks of the model. Add shading along the chest, across the left side of the chest and deepening of the thighs, and then re-grind touches.
Add the shadows. Describe the contours of the foot with the tip of a coal sticks, dim feet. Apply on feet dark tone, lay off coal. Add cast on the bed of the shadow between the legs, under thighs and under the back.
Draw facial features. Deepen the tone of the torso shading, RUB a finger on her. Refine the outlines of the chest of the model. Go to the head and draw the tip of the coal sticks to the chin and left side of his face. Mark lips, nostrils and eyes. Start to put the tone on the brow and hair of the model.
Frame the face and hair. Continue to describe the shape of the face of the model: slightly deepen the tone on the lit side in their sockets, while maintaining the features of the face soft. Apply the tone to the hair, designate a few. Completing the tonal and linear drawing of the left hand, stroke and brush the shadow under the model's hand.
Make a clarification. Go through your work to determine what refinement it requires to make. Cover the drawing with a layer of spray fixative.