Before the start of classes on drawing draw the human figure. You can ask someone to pose or recreate the image based on the images from memory. Try to bring the result to perfection, but don't ask anyone's advice. Save the resulting image as a rarity, and from time to time return to it, to assess the level of skill that you will master after intensive training. This approach will provide the most powerful motivational tool and will create preconditions for understanding the basics of fine art.
Expand their knowledge of the human body in anatomical terms, and in terms of drawing. As a training aid, you can use books, videos, live communication with the teacher. But it is not necessary to delve into the structure of the internal organs, as it does not impact on the visual skills sufficient to obtain General information about muscles, joints, proportions between different parts of the body.
Select one of the possible training options. Self-education in most cases gives good results, but if you have the money and free time, it is better to enroll in appropriate courses or use the services of a tutor, especially at the initial stage.
Don't expect after a week of training you will be able to immediately grasp the characteristics of each individual. To approach the ideal you can only use one method – the method of hard training.
Ractice mastering drawing the human body with separate parts: hands, feet, joints. Then gradually complicate the task – skills image of the bust, the lower part of the torso, the back of his hand. Only then go on solid images.
First, draw simple shapes of people, then you can switch to a picture of a man in motion. Children are the most difficult in terms of drawing, they have slightly different body proportions than adults.
Always keep an eye on the people around you, find yourself in their position regularity and symmetry, try to represent on a sheet of paper. Such training can be conducted anywhere – public transport, at work, while waiting for the queue. Observation, memory, attention could lead you to success in a very short period of time.