As already mentioned, the main reason stoop is uneven muscle development that's why people can't keep straight body position. Therefore, to begin addressing the need from muscle training. The most simple and effective exercise aimed at the treatment of the stoop is lifting dumbbells in hand. First take the initial position: legs apart slightly to the sides, knees bent, torso should be tilted forward. It is also important to ensure that the back was straighter. Breathing in, take the dumbbells in hand, on the exhale pinch the blade. Perform at least three sets of 10-15 times, dumbbell weight, you need to choose the appropriate. For the first time, 3 pounds is enough. Over time you can increase the load and number of sets.
The second exercise is pushups. In this exercise, you will not only develop the muscles of the chest, and upper back because you have to constantly keep her in suspense, to keep the body in a level position. To perform this exercise, you must do the following: press your straight arms to the floor, legs should be slightly apart, inhale, bend the elbows, bringing the body to the floor, then press until the full straightening of hands. The most common mistake when performing this exercise is to bend your back, it's better to do less repetitions, but they will be high-quality.
Then you can move on to fixing exercise. The first two we've trained the muscles, and now need to learn how to keep your back straight. To perform this exercise you need any smooth vertical surface. Lean against the wall so that your body touched her only four points: heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck. Now wait at least 2-3 minutes. It is possible that at first it will be difficult to keep your back in this position, but don't worry, with time you will be able to do it indefinitely.