Quickly to earn money, let classmates and other students at your University, you write essays, reports, term papers. Take responsibility only for those topics that is really good. Write yourself, do not download from the Internet. The Ruse is discovered very quickly, and to trust you no one will.
Look for sites devoted to the selection of work, jobs for students. They usually offer to work as promoters, merchandisers, to conduct surveys. This activity with a flexible schedule, which is very convenient for students. In addition, money paid weekly or immediately after the assignment.
In hot pre-election season a candidate's headquarters recruit students. Their responsibilities include distribution of leaflets, propaganda of the population, polls etc. This job pays very well and money paid daily, at least once a week.
If you have specific knowledge and skills that are in demand, it is possible to charge for their services money. For example, to earn money on weekends at the service station, when the maximum flow of customers and not enough manpower. Or repair computers and install sophisticated programs. Or become a designer or a copywriter of freelancing. Not only do you quickly earn money, but also get invaluable experience which will give you a competitive advantage over other students when searching for a permanent place after graduation.
In the summer, when there are no classes, you can find seasonal work in a couple of months. Very popular at the present time the students ' trips to the plantations in Europe. For picking strawberries, currants, fruits, you can get thousands of euros a month. Accommodation and meals paid by the employer. You can also travel around the country on weekends and make new friends.