Try to remove the all the things, reminiscent of your former man. Do not completely get rid of them, it's part of your life. Be respectful to their past. If you lived together in the apartment, at least for a while try to move to another place, like a parent or friend.
You need to change your way of life. Start with yourself. Go to the beauty shop, make a new hairstyle, manicure, update your wardrobe. As far as possible move away from the past itself, from a woman who loves her ex-man. Treat yourself to something, buy a thing you've always wanted. Do not be afraid to become wasteful. Now you don't have to worry about anyone but yourself. Rejoice this, you must learn to get pleasure from freedom and from myself, this updated and lovely.
Meet with people you have not seen. Try to communicate with those who are not aware of the trouble that happened to you. Plunge into a world of new and exciting events. Interesting people distract you from sad thoughts, and shared pleasant memories will lift your spirits.
Find yourself a new hobby. Enjoy the fact that absolutely not fits into your whole past life. If you're an office worker and try not to break this image, then you should probably engage in some sort of extreme sport. And if you've always been a free bird, like to travel, try to become a housewife. Do some cooking and some home hobby that requires perseverance. New experiences and interests is very necessary to you in this difficult period. Grow for yourself and not on evil ex man.